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Taller walls for embassies
Australia's embassy in Jakarta will be allowed to build a high, bomb-proof jordan for sale outer wall following last week's jeremy scott adidas shoes car bomb after city air isabel marant sale max ltd officials dropped opposition to the idea.
Australian ambassador David Ritchie and his American and British counterparts met Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso yesterday to discuss shop nike air max new walls outside the three Western embassies.
US ambassador isabel marant Ralph Boyce isabel marant sneaker sale jeremy scott shoes has been pressing for permission to build a three-metre-high concrete-and-steel wall outside the American embassy. But Jakarta officials had resisted, saying that it would be unsightly. Planning rules had allowed only 1.5-metre-high walls.
Australia's embassy and the British mission are built on major thoroughfares and close to traffic.
They are considered more vulnerable than mulberry bags jeremy scott adidas outlet the US embassy, which is celine luggage mini separated from a road by a heavily guarded open space.
The Australian mission had been protected by a fence built of steel tubes designed to soak up some of the force of the blast.
Mr Ritchie said earlier this adidas jeremy scott week that the fence nike air max sale had cheap nike air max worked perfectly and Canberra was "not convinced" that a bomb-proof wall adidas wings jeremy scott would have done a better job. jordans for sale But yesterday's meeting will clear the way for a stronger wall if it is decided it is needed.
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